Kick-off Event

In September 2016 we are organizing our first OWIC-event located in the port of Antwerp. We aim to provide a platform to a wide range of innovations based on open source software. These innovations often find their origins with enthusiast creative individuals that eventually make their mark in the worldwide community of software developers, creators and students. These exceptional individuals are exactly the target audience that we wish to address and to introduce Antwerp as a place where these creative ideas can be transformed into businesses or ventures.

5 Speakers
10 Prices
150 Places

Welcome, registration & breakfast

Avoid #betraffic, be early! We will provide coffee and breakfast!
Trust us, there are but few things that can beat slowly waking up with the beautiful view the Antwerp port provides!

Keynote speaker (mystery guest !)

We start the morning with a mystery guest speaker who will provide a real kick-off of the event!


Microsoft is making advances in the world of Open Source. Today, almost all of its .NET frameworks are available via Github. They have launched the first version of ASP.NET Core, which runs on both Linux and Apple machines, allowing more and more developers to use the strengths of the .NET framework.

In this session you will get a brief introduction and a practical overview of how you can use .NET Core in the following Hackathon.

TypeScript & Angular2

With the release of Angular 2, Google reinvents its enormously popular SPA framework. Combined with Typescript you can now build very large JavaScript applications that are both maintainable and flexible. A perfect choice for our Hackathon!

Foodz and drinks!

Sessions make you thirsty! And hungry! We provide everyone with drinks and snacks!

Hackathon & Sessions

In the afternoon we will build an Angular2 application using the techniques we learned in the morning.
Or join one or several lighting sessions: 'Going Wild and Reactive' presented by Frederik Prijck, Developer & Co-Founder @ Codacious. 'Solid' presented by Tim Sommer, Competance Manager @ Team4Talent. Or 'Tooling' presented by Tom Verbesselt.

Bring your own device and install the packages listed below!

Awards, food and drinks & networking!

Winning teams receive their prizes, hungry stomachs are appeased and you get a chance to get to know each other better!


Erik Kerkhofs

Director DX at Microsoft

Joris Brauns

Consultant, Team4Talent
& Microsoft MVP

Tim Sommer

Competence Manager,

Tom Verbesselt

Lecturer and head of the HBO5 Department at CVO Antwerp

Frederik Prijck

Developer & Co-Founder, Codacious

Come to our kick-off event and learn all about our new community. It will be a day to remember!

Free Sessions & Hackathon
(bring your own device)

  • Angular 2
  • TypeScript
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Guided hackathon
  • Fun activities
  • Networking

Free Hackathon
(bring your own device)

  • Guided hackathon
  • Fun activities
  • Networking





Address: Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai 21, 2000 Antwerp

Contact: +32 468 19 87 73